Philosophy of Art--Readings

(You should be able to explain the concepts below)

For any of the references that the authors mention in the text, do a search and find images, examples, etc.  Some are listed below.

Wartenberg book

Section 12: R. G. Collingwood (Art as Expression)

Section 13: John Dewey (Art as Experience)

Section 11: Clive Bell (Art as Significant Form)

Section 1: Plato (Art as Imitation)

Section 2: Aristotle (Art as Cognition)

Oedipus the King
Plot Structure of Oedipus the King
Homer Homepage with references
Greek Mythology

Section 4: David Hume (Art as Object of Taste)

Ariosto's poetry

Section 8: Friedrich Nietzsche (Art as Redemption)

The Birth of Tragedy (text)
Ancient Greek Art
Dionysus page
Another Dionysus page

Section 9: Leo Tolstoy (Art as Communication of Feeling)

Section 14: Martin Heidegger (Art as Truth)

Section 17: Morris Weitz (Art as Indefinable)

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