Service Learning Joural or Report

In your report or journal, please include the following:

? Name of organization or program
? Contact information (phone number, website, etc of the organization), including the name of your supervisor or contact person if any
? Date(s) of work (if on-going, please specify)
? Description of work

In your journal entry or report, please keep a record of what you actually did.  Then,

1.  Use one or more ethical theories to analyze in what way your service (or organization you work for) is a benefit (to yourself, to the community, or in general).

2.  Try to come up with at least one counter-argument to your position, again, using one or more of the theories.

3.  Reflections on how theory and practice are or are not connected.

In other words, the service learning component of the class has the following aims:

1.  You can use theory to analyze a real case in which you have participated
2.  Bring back your own experience to the classroom
3.  Face real-life scenarios which might complicate the issues beyond theory, and develop ways to deal with them
4.  Integrate classroom learning with community service

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