Feminism (0122-382-01, Cross-listed with 0105-335-01, 4 Units)

Classroom: HR 143

Professor Yoko Arisaka, Ph.D
Office: Campion D8  (Right next to classroom D7)
Office Hours: T/Th 2-3p, CA D8, and W 5-6, Lone Mountain Cafeteria
Office Phone: 422-6424   (422-6543 for the philosophy dept.)
email: arisaka@usfca.edu

Final Paper (Due Wed, May 21, 4pm, in my mailbox, CA D4.  You may also submit your paper electronically at my email address above--in that case I will return your paper electronically.)

Select one feminist issue we have discussed in class (the "Beauty Myth," social inequity, the structural nature of disempowerment, sexuality, pornography, war and women, prostitution, etc.)  Develop your own view/claim within the issue, and use theory/theories to articulate your position. Be sure to articulate different sides of the debate or positions, including that of your opponent, and develop a coherent defense of your position (which means that you deal with the problems raised by others).  Use as many of the sources as possible, and be sure to cite the source and page numbers.

If you would like to work on an issue that we did not cover in class, let me know--we can discuss it.

(If you submit your paper via email, I will send a quick response that I received it--please check.  If you do not get that response, assume that I did not receive your paper.  It is your responsibility that I receive your paper--if I do not have a paper, I cannot generate a grade.)

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