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Kaiseki Menu

(Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese course meal.  I prepare the non-traditional versions once in a while.  More on Kaiseki, its history, tips and discussions, and more)

My Menus:

Auturm Kaiseki with Seven Mushrooms
Late Spring Kaiseki
Summer Kaiseki  (Photo)
Autumn Seafood Kaiseki (Photo)

Friends Who Cook

Julie and Dan
Carsten: Menu and Photo
Aki and Matteo

My "food, culture, and social justice" course

Davies Forum: Our Food, Our Society: An Exploration of American Values (Fall 2001)

Food-Related Links

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Other food-related shots


Port and Chocolate


Danish Mexican Restaurant

1978 port and Italian chocolates

Gelato cups, Milan

Lunch at Peck, Milan

Mushroom store, Milan

Italian deli, Milan

Fish roe, Copenhagen

Waiters deboning fish, Venice

Chocolate shop, Commo

New Year's "Osechi," Japan


Kyoto market, pickles

Kyoto market, sweets

Sundae, Chicago size

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