Autumn Kaiseki with Seven Mushrooms

September 29, 2001

First:  Soup

White miso, fried tofu, mountain vegetable; nameko mushrooms

Second:  The “Little Item on the Other Side”

Salad of broiled eel, avocado, papaya, cucumber, Asian pear; enoki mushrooms

Third:  Boiled Course

Ragoût of duck, “frozen” tofu, chestnut; shimeji and “QG”mushrooms

Fourth:  Steamed Course

“Chawan-mushi” custard, with shrimp, chicken, gingko nut, mitsuba leaf;
matsutake mushrooms

Fifth: Broiled Course

Filet mignon with two sauces: shiitake and chantrelle mushrooms

Sixth:  Fried Course

Chilean sea bass, shrimp, shiso basil; matsutake mushrooms

Seventh: Little Clear Soup

Matsutake mushrooms, mitsuba leaf, yuzu citrus, wheat puff, in broth

Eighth:  “Eight Inches”

Spicy three mushroom sauté; enoki and caviar

Ninth:  “Fragrance”

Matsutake mushroom rice

Pickles: Spring chrysanthemum leaves and black sesame;
mountain potato with green shiso leaves; a mélange of pickled vegetables



Panna Cotta, with kadota and black mission figs, baby kiwis, and grapes

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