Late Spring Kaiseki

June 1, 2002

First:  Soup

Chilled mushroom soup

Second:  The “Little Item on the Side”

Carpaccio of tuna and snapper with white truffle oil;
Calamari and golden caviar; sea vegetable with yuzu-miso sauce
(Optional: Sea urchin roe and jellyfish)

Third:  Boiled Course

Lamb shank with sake and ginger reduction
Shiitake mushrooms, ruby carrots, kabocha pumpkin, and spring bamboo shoots

Fourth:  Steamed Course

“Chawan-mushi” custard, with shrimp, gingko nut, mitsuba leaf, and shiitake

Fifth: Broiled Course

Filet mignon with three mushrooms sauces:
Morel and cognac, chantrelle and port, shiitake and sake
Wild asparagus

Sixth:  Fried Course

Light tempura: wild king salmon, halibut, scallops, shiso leaf, and lotus

Seventh: Clear Soup

Snow crab, tororo, and mitsuba leaf

Eighth:  “Fragrance”

Rice with fresh fava beans and sweet peas

Pickles: assortment of vegetables and young ginger



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