Autumn Seafood Kaiseki

September 21, 2002


First:  Soup

Malaga white almond gazpacho with Muscat grapes and shrimp

Second:  The “Little Item on the Other Side”

Seafood salad:
Lobster, albacore “poke,” salmon sashimi, marinated mussels, baby greens, kuki-wakame

Third:  Boiled Course

Agedashi sanshu no oroshi-ni: halibut, eggplant, and tofu
Flash-fried, stewed, and topped with daikon oroshi

Fourth:  Steamed Course

“Chawan-mushi” custard, with shrimp, gingko nut, shiitake mushrooms, mitsuba leaf

Fifth: Broiled Course

Broiled kabayaki eel with eggs and koya-dofu

Sixth:  Fried Course

Croquettes three ways: Creamy crab, potato, and sweet corn;
Shishito peppers and gingko nuts in edible kombu basket

Seventh: Little Clear Soup

Matsutake mushrooms, mitsuba leaf, yuzu citrus, snow crab, in broth

Eighth:  “Eight Inches”

Black Tamba sweet soybeans; Seared scallops

Ninth:  “Fragrance”

Matsutake mushroom rice

Assorted pickled vegetables



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