Summer Kaiseki

July 28, 2002


First:  Soup

Chilled white peach soup

Second:  The “Little Item on the Other Side”

Somen noodles in three flavors; yuzu, yomogi, ume

Third:  Boiled Course

Swordfish and eggplant wrapped in black soybean yuba

Fourth:  Steamed Course

“Chawan-mushi” custard, with shrimp, gingko nut, mitsuba leaf, shiitake mushrooms

Fifth: Broiled Course

Rack of lamb with sakekasu-butter sauce; white asparagus

Sixth:  Fried Course

Stuffed mushrooms, eel, shishito-peppers, lotus root, shiso leaf, kombu basket

Seventh: Little Clear Soup

Assorted Kyoto yuba, mitsuba leaf, yuzu citrus, in broth

Eighth:  “Eight Inches”

Abalone and miso-cured yolk with chrysantemum petals

Ninth:  “Fragrance”

Rice with shiso berries

Assorted pickles and cherry-blossom tea



Dark secret, white lies, bloody truth

Vintage port and chocolates

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