Philosophy of Mind: Consciousness

Spring 2002
422-6424, CA D6


(DUE Thurs 5/16.  Up to 10 pages.)

Of all the positions covered in this course, select ONE position you would like to defend.  Select TWO AUTHORS who represent your position (if you can only find one, that would be fine, but see if you can find another one that might be partially similar).  Explain your position, as well as the points you agree with in the two articles.  Then, select TWO AUTHORS who would be your critics.  Explain the possible criticisms (to your position) in the two critics’ articles you have selected.  Then, explain why your critics might be wrong (counter-arguments).  In other words, why is your position more preferable as a theory of consciousness?  In what way are your critics misguided?   Justify your position.

If you would like to discuss more than 4 authors total, that would be fine, but please check with me first.

You can expand on the midterm paper if you wish.

Feel free to cover the articles we did not discuss in class, from the textbook, or from outside sources.  Make sure you make clear citations.

You can send the paper in to me electronically, but be sure to get a reply from me, saying that I got your paper and can open it properly.

I will be around everyday during the finals week, beginning May 13.  There will be a sign-up sheet on my door (for another class), so if you would like to see me, just sign up.

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